What is Mysore?



Named after the city where it originated, Mysore is the traditional method in which Ashtanga Yoga is taught. Students progress through the Ashtanga series at their pace in a group setting, under the guidance of a teacher.


Here are some reasons why you should try practicing the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method:


• You learn at your own pace:

When a teacher begins to teach you the sequence, you only go as far as you can, you add on poses slowly to ensure you can remember them, and you don’t go past any pose that you can’t do. The practice is designed to bring you to your edge, not someone else’s.


• Self-practice is convenient:

In a Mysore style practice, there isn’t a set “start” or “end” time. That means you can show up whenever works best for you; maybe some days if you are tired or only have an hour or so, you only do some sun salutations, standing and closing postures; or If for some reason you can’t make it during the class time, you know exactly what to do so you can practice at home.


• You get one on one support when you need it:

In a traditional Mysore style practice, the teachers job is to ensure that every student is doing the poses in the correct order and with the proper alignment and breath. Some times students will be faced with a pose that is challenging yet attainable with support. The teacher will come around and help you get into the pose safely and effectively.


• It allows you to be with yourself:

Self-practice means there are much fewer distractions. No teacher calling out the poses or music playing. This practice become like a dance with time, and eventually within some time you’ll find yourself meditating and having self realization about your body, your breath, your thoughts and your life. 


• The community is amazing:

In Ashtanga, the 6-day-a-week practice commitment means you typically see the same people every day. You begin to form bonds, maybe even lasting friendships. This is because every day in the space of the practice room you confront yourself and your limitations together. Even though every individual is doing completely different poses than the other; even if you have never spoken a word to the other students; there is a special bond; and eventually we all become one beautiful community and supportive family. 


All classes are multilevel and suited for beginners, regardless of any age or physical condition. 

Caro will make sure to adapt the practice to each individual. 

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